Open for business!

The unit Blackboard site, the unit website and unit Padlet Community are now open for business, if you’d like to get ahead with your study before the semester starts. You can make significant progress on both assignments before the start of the semester if you like – please read the Assessment guidelines for more details.

Also, just letting you know that in the spirit of connected learning you are required to use a range of social media in this unit including Twitter. Please let me know if you need any help or coaching with doing so.

As some of you might be aware, Google Plus is closing in April, and so I am trialing using a series of Padlets to replace this space. Unfortunately there is no current social network space that offers the flexibility and visual appeal of G+, but Padlet is easy to use and I am hoping that this may be a solution until we discover something even better!

You can get access to the Padlet community via the Open Connected Learning website; on the left hand menu it is called LCN600 Community Connect. The password has been emailed to all students enrolled through QUT, and also is available on the Announcements page on the Blackboard site. I have password protected this part of the site so that you have a space where you can free discuss your learning with fellow QUT students without it being open to the world. Of course, I also will encourage more open discussions on Twitter etc during the semester, but it’s nice to have a space to call our own.

I will be monitoring the Padlet discussion boards from this point forward to support those of you who are getting started early. If you would like to share on Twitter, please use the hashtag #LCN600 so that we can all see what is shared on the Community page of the website. Don’t worry if Twitter is a mystery to you at this stage…during the semester it will all become clear!

Looking forward to learning with you!
Kay 🙂

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