Orientation to LCN 600 and Open connected learning

Welcome to the site! This website will be your virtual ‘home’ for the next 3 months or so!
You will also find resources on the QUT Connected Learning Blackboard site, however most information is replicated here for your convenience.
We will be using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra for our weekly tutorials, which is situated within the QUT intranet space.
More information about the tutorials can be found on this site on the Online Tutorial Page.

Let’s Get Connected! Here are your first steps:

1. Gather your materials:
Unit guide and schedule
Essential and suggested readings
(QUT Login Required)

2. Organise your tools
Sign up for Twitter
Create a Padlet account

Introduce yourself
Send a tweet with the hashtag #LCN600
Say hi on the Introductions Padlet
Complete the Social Media survey

This mindmap represents the different ways you will interact with connected learning throughout this semester and beyond. Part of being a connected, networked learner is knowing where to go, and whom to connect with to meet your current learning needs. Being openly networked, this subject provides access both to students currently enrolled in LCN 600, and to those in the wider community who may be interested in learning more about connected learning in general.