Open Connected Learning is a node in the connected learning network of LCN600 students.

We welcome all peer learners and educators with a shared interest in innovative pedagogy.

LCN600 Connected Learning is a unit of study in the QUT Master of Education. Students explore connected learning as a contemporary learning approach for formal and informal learning contexts, including school, higher education, libraries, workplace and community settings.
CL Open complements a QUT Blackboard site which contains all official information for the LCN600 unit, including assessment.

Open Connected Learning aims to provide:​​​

  • a platform for learners to engage with connected learning concepts and practices
  • connections via free openly networked digital tools and resources for production-centred learning​

One Padlet to rule them all

This unit uses Padlets extensively to provide access to resources, to share resources and to communicate as a group. The Padlet below contains links to all of the content and resource sharing Padlets. The only padlets not accessible from this one are the LCN600 Community Connect padlets, as these are password protected so that only those enrolled in the QUT unit can access; all open communications occur through Twitter using the hashtag #LCN600.

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