Creative Makes are short exercises designed to boost creativity,  productivity and curiosity. To get into the habit of being creative, a new Creative Make task will be posted below each week, beginning in Week 4.

Each task is intended to take no more than 15-20 minutes to complete. The tasks vary in mode – photography, drawing, audio, video and more. Creative Makes are inspired by Collaborative Curiosity, a connected learning course developed by the Academic Learning Transformation Lab at Virginia Commonwealth University, generously shared under an attribution non-commercial share alike Creative Commons license.

  1. New Creative Make tasks with instructions will be announced on a weekly basis from weeks 4-10. In addition, follow #LCN600 to receive Creative Make alerts on Twitter. 
  2. Once you’ve completed your Creative Make, share it with the LCN600 group on the Creative Makes Padlet. Feel free to share it more widely on other social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook – wherever you wish to create connections!), tagging it with #LCN600 so that others can find it! 
  3. Use the Creative Makes as an inspiration for blogging, reflection or as a way to connect with others through your PLN. The Creative Makes are aimed to encourage production centred learning and a participatory culture within and beyond the Connected Learning unit. They may provide a springboard for the blog post and digital artefact required for Assignment 2.

Anyone out there participating at your own pace, feel free to do any or all of the Creative Makes at your leisure.

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Post your Creative Makes to the Padlet to share, and consider tweeting with the hashtag #LCN600.