Connected Learning in practice

Introducing Module 4 (Weeks 9-13)

The final weeks of the semester place a particular focus on putting the theories and concepts of connected learning, networked learning and connectivism to practice. Through your PLN, there are opportunities for professional learning experiences that are linking, stretching and amplifying. These terms describe the types of interactions that you will be exploring and the learning outcomes you will experiencing, and in this Module we will discuss this way of understanding learning through the PLN. Developing your professional digital identity, exploring ways that connected, networked learning can influence your pedagogy and practice and reflecting on the understandings and skills you have developed through the semester will also be a focus in this module.

Plan for Module Four

Week Nine

Module 4 Readings

Learning as a connected professional: Linking, stretching and amplifying

Participate in Week Nine Tutorial on Collaborate Ultra

Assignment 2: Your focus on the PLN should be quite intensive now. Continue to share where you can, remembering that a PLN is build on reciprocity; remember the cocktail party metaphor; you should be having a little bit to eat and drink (consuming information and resources you discover), meeting  people (creating new connections and also refreshing current and older connections) and offering your own thoughts and opinions (creating, commenting, redistributing).

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Week Ten

Module 4 Readings

There is no tutorial this week! It’s a Public Holiday, and we all deserve a breather :). Feel free to contact me though, if you have burning issues to discuss. Email is best :). If needed, we can arrange a phone call or web meeting.

Assignment 2: Start thinking about how you will present your assignment online (if you haven’t already done so). Remember that you need to have one blog post and one other digital artefact which you have shared to your PLN as part of the assessment. If you haven’t done either of these, the time is now!

Engage with Creative Make #7 and share to the Padlet and maybe beyond! This is the last Creative Make!

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Week Eleven

Module 4 Readings

Participate in Week Eleven Tutorial on Collaborate Ultra – Assignment Q&A

Assignment 2: Continue engaging with your PLN and make sure you haven’t forgotten about the blog post and digital artefact that must be shared to your PLN and included in your critical reflection!


Week Twelve

Module 4 Readings

Mimi Ito on Connected Learning
A short video where Mimi Ito gives two examples of how connected learning may be realised in real life settings.

Participate in Week Twelve Tutorial on Collaborate Ultra

Assignment 2: Begin to design your visual representation of your PLN as it exists now; compare it with the map you created at the beginning of the semester. How has your PLN developed? Is this what you imagined at the beginning of this subject? What have you learned? What do you want to learn now?


Week Thirteen

Module 4 Readings


Participate in Week Thirteen Tutorial on Collaborate Ultra – a virtual celebration and last minute Assignment Q & A

Assignment 2: By this stage you should be drafting/refining your critical commentary ready for submission next week.


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